Ready for a new way to game?

4 min readSep 5, 2022
Coming soon! The Wodo Game Store!

Looking for a secure platform to buy and play blockchain games? The Wodo Game Store has it all!

Discover new and trending games on the Wodo Game Store! Access all new-generation games, follow trends and ratings. Wodo Game Store is fully interoperable, allowing gamers to access blockchain games for online play, download or streaming play.

Developers and game studios can publish and advertise games across the Game Store. Bring new blockchain games to be featured on the Game Store. Or, take advantage of Wodo’s Incubation Pad for end-to-end blockchain game development.

Wodo have developed universal APIs to plug your game into the Wodo Network. Connect, upload and start earning with Wodo!

What’s the Wodo Game Store?

The gaming industry is flooded with operating systems and players, each with their own unique take on what’s next. Wodo was founded on the key principles of the emerging Web 3.0: democratization and decentralization. This essentially means a streamlining of the operating systems, allowing for universal access through an interoperable framework.

Creating APIs and SKUs for development studios and blockchain business development game companies is a bit of a new take on the world of game dev. Typically gamers play on one game controller and use a primary operating system.

Think of playstation and xbox consoles. The form and function of the games you play, whether it’s Super Mario or retro gaming choices, where you play is controlled by what you’re playing on. As the internet changes and technology shifts, we’re seeing a lot of chatter about the Metaverse and how to move into the next frontier.

Some companies have answered with motion controllers that feed sensations to the players hands and body. Others have created more refined operating systems for the casual gamer, like the Switch Lite. For serious gamers there’s options like hefty headsets of the Playstation VR. If donning a VR Headset isn’t really your style, maybe it’s time to look beyond video game consoles?

The Wodo Game Store was designed to be an interactive space where game players can discover a wide variety of blockchain and Metaverse games.

Ready for the new frontier in blockchain gaming?

What Kind of Games Will Be Available on the Game Store?

Wodo’s true passion is all things blockchain and so, the Game Store will feature blockchain based games, reviewed by experts.

Game designers and development studios can come to Wodo when their game is in its infancy and partner with the Incubation Pad to develop blockchain elements. Utilizing the Incubation Pad will allow developers to integrate functioning in-game blockchain economics into their games.

This is a feature unique to Wodo. Our team of specialist developers can help to engineer a self-sustaining in-game economy. A true blockchain game ecosystem will both move the game forward and create continuous revenue streams.

For games that already feature blockchain economics functions or even built in economies; hat’s off! These games are likely to gain a lot of momentum, fast!

Can the Games Purchased be Accessed Everywhere?

Wodo’s dedication to interoperability is evident across the Wodo Platform. For secure storage of NFT assets, cryptocurrency tokens like the local Wodo XWGT Token and purchased games there’s the Wodolet.

The Wodolet is a digital wallet, a crypto wallet that securely stores assets earned and collected across Wodo and other crypto networks. The Wodolet registers the purchase or subscription to a game by activating and storing a game token. The player will be taken to the backend of the game interface to load and set up the game. Here, the token will be registered and sent to the player’s Wodolet. Safe, secure, universally accessible.

Accessing the game token, NFT assets and crypto tokens is safe and seamless with the Wodolet. You can even access your assets when needed in the middle of a game!

Creating Optimized Games

Video game companies are constantly optimizing their offerings. Think the Xbox Series or blu ray technology being surpassed by ray tracing imagery. There’s always something new. However, finding the best way to optimize games and game play can be an arduous task, even for the most sophisticated game studios.

Stay tuned for updates from Wodo!

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