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Play to earn, design to earn, and develop to earn with Wodo Gaming Solutions.

What is Wodo Gaming Solutions?

First things first: what is Wodo Gaming Solutions? Wodo Gaming Solutions, hosted on the Wodo Platform, is an integrated blockchain business platform with play to earn and flexible blockchain business revenue stream integrations. Wodo have created an accessible blockchain platform, backed by their own Wodo Token: XWGT.

Play to earn, Design to earn, and Develop to earn

Wodo is built upon the beliefs of the emerging Web 3.0: democratization and decentralization.

The age of Web 2.0 was also built on something akin to these beliefs but never quite hit the mark. Accessibility and overall functionality is what our current internet business structures seem to lack — despite society’s increased reliance on being connected. As part of the Web 3.0 landscape, Wodo has created an online space where flexible revenue streams are open to gamers, game developers and blockchain businesses. Wodo offers use of their secure and universally integrated Wodolet (Wodo Wallet). The Wodolet can store the Wodo Token XWGT and other cryptocurrencies or NFT assets.

It’s true, blockchain based games with play to earn schemes and NFT assets that can be traded and sold already exist. The challenge, as we move into the Web 3.0 ecosystem, is whether or not these games and assets can be accessed universally, regardless of developer size or marketing budget. Enter Wodo.

As believers in the emerging 3.0 technosphere, Wodo have designed an overarching SaaS platform with interoperability and accessibility in mind. The key tools for game developers, game studios and forward thinking businesses are the APIs, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Marketplace analytics used across the Wodo Network. These functional tools allow for the creation of flexible revenue streams, according to community wants and needs, but less buffeted by the trends of the broader crypto currency economy. As the community grows and more blockchain games become available in the Game Store and assets are traded and sold in the Marketplace, the value of the XWGT will increase and stabilize within the Wodo ecosystem.

Gaming Companies, regardless of size, can easily integrate their games with the Wodo Platform via the interoperable APIs

Game Developers, regardless of size, will find a crypto-literate community eager to invest their time and crypto tokens in new games and assets. Developers can easily integrate with the Wodo Platform via the interoperable APIs, designed specifically for universal interoperability.

Discover a variety of blockchain game genres on Wodo Game Store

APIs allow developers to seamlessly integrate their blockchain games and assets onto the platform. Once the games are loaded and live, gamers can purchase or subscribe via the Game Store using the XWGT token. The Wodo Network allows gamers to interact with other players via the community platforms, to trade, sell or mingle with like-minded community members.

As the games are played and talked about, the integrated Marketplace analytics inform developers which game elements are a hit or a miss with the community. Increasing the rate of feedback and adaptability is key for developers in the emerging blockchain gaming sphere, where higher degrees of interaction mean higher potential revenue streams.

Using the IncubationPad, developers can fully utilize the wodo platform capabilities and connect with investors, raising the capital needed to further develop games.

To increase interactivity on games, developers can further integrate with the community by hosting tournaments through the Game Hub. Depending on the type of game, the Game Hub can host one on one competitions or develop limited time play to earn incentives, earning local XWGT tokens to save in the integrated Wodolet or spend on trades, games and blockchain assets.

Wodo Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The Software Development Kits (SDKs) are designed to increase the scope of the Wodo Network. Traditionally, big game studios are able to adapt more easily to a variety of platforms. Wodo have designed the Wodo Platform specifically for developers of all sizes to be able to access the Wodo Network.

Pluggable Software Development Kits

Using the SDKs, smaller blockchain games can be added, allowing developers to be seen and recognized in an active blockchain gaming community. Here, individual gamers or bigger crypto investors can seize on an opportunity and invest in games that have the potential to capture the imagination of the gaming community.

Wodo is designed as a truly accessible Web 3.0 community, where gamers, developers and businesses can earn and grow alongside the space. Let’s enter the next stages of Metaverse and blockchain gaming technology together!

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Wodo Gaming is an open-source platform where gamers and game developers come together to develop next-generation techs and blockchain games.