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Wodo’s Incubation Pad is designed to help blockchain game developers and game studios publish blockchain games to connect with gaming communities. Earn and grow with Wodo!

Game developers rejoice! Wodo’s Incubation Pad is here!

What’s the Wodo Incubation Pad all about?

The Wodo Incubation Pad is designed, like the rest of the Wodo Network, to promote universal accessibility. The Incubation Pad is designed for game developers and game studios to raise public funds in order to further develop their blockchain games.

Traditionally, with many business ventures, a product needs to be designed, shopped around to investors like hedge funds, or developers need to take out costly loans to fuel their project. Wodo saw the need and created the Incubation Pad to connect blockchain game designers with knowledgeable cryptocurrency and blockchain investment communities.

Games in the Incubation Pad are part of the full game development lifecycle. For Wodo this means the design, development, publishing and management of blockchain games including in-game economics and analysis after the games are live on the platform. This end to end incubation, launch and management allows easy integration of NFT and cryptocurrency assets using the SDKs designed by Wodo to be interoperable and universally accessible.

Here, designers can design creative, intuitive and engaging games, without the stress and worry that raising capital often brings.

Web 3.0 and Blockchain Gaming

Web 3.0 is the new age of the internet. We’re working towards an internet with principles of democratization, universal accessibility and interoperability at the forefront of this new era.

Blockchain gaming, in all its forms, is a central pillar of this new age of the internet. With the advancement of new technologies and shifts in consumer demand, the Wodo Incubation Pad is the perfect space to crowdfund, test new ideas and connect with like-minded communities.

Moving away from traditional investment opportunities will allow not only large blockchain and cryptocurrency firms to invest, but also individual community members with an entrepreneurial spirit. This accessibility is central to the wider Wodo Platform, seen in the design of the Game Hub, the Game Store and the Marketplace.

Network Integration

Using the Incubation Pad as a crowdfunding and community space will help developers to launch their products onto Wodo’s interoperable platform.

Blockchain game developers will be uniquely positioned to tap into active and engaged communities across the Wodo Game Hub, Game Store and Marketplace. Investors can evolve into brand ambassadors across the platform, once games or assets are live to trade, sell and play.

Game studios that have had success in a more contained marketplace will be able to connect to the Wodo Game Hub, Game Store and Marketplace via the interoperable APIs. This ease of access facilitates blockchain gaming and blockchain business scalability that other networks lack.

Community Connection

Often in game development, the intended community is thought of, but rarely interacted with. Wodo’s Incubation Pad allows direct community feedback on areas of development, technical issues, and more. Wodo’s Game Hub is an active blockchain community, keen to invest in the latest games, assets and network with other community members.

Connecting with an active and informed gaming community means ease of access for developers, this is paramount in game design. No need to educate your intended audience on your games, the community word of mouth can do that for you!

In-Game Economics

Wodo have designed SDKs that allow seamless integration of NFT assets and cryptocurrency token trading and use. Game developers and community members will be able to seamlessly upload their unique assets for trade, to sell and purchase in games and in the Wodo Marketplace.

Cryptocurrency tokens and NFT assets can be stored in the Wodolet for use in games or across the platform. Developers can earn as they go with options to trade, sell and purchase open across the platform.

Explore the Metaverse with Wodo!

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