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4 min readSep 20, 2022

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The Game Hub has been designed with the community in mind. Wodo wanted to create a centralized community space where community members could chat, play online, join tournaments and in-game challenges and even earn cryptocurrency tokens! Joining the Game Hub will give you exclusive access to the latest game developments.

Blockchain gamers will be able to trade, sell and purchase NFTs and cryptocurrency assets for in-game use across the Game Hub. Trading and selling can also be taken into the games themselves. Wodo has designed an active blockchain gaming ecosystem, where in-game economics take center stage.

Community members on the Game Hub will be privy to the latest releases and exciting new developments by game developers and studios. Test, play and recommend (or diss) the latest in blockchain gaming, with your community in a fun, active gamer space.

Gamers will also be able to access tournaments, multiplayer game leaderboards and vie for the top position in games across the Game Hub. Whether you’re interested in trying your hand at the local Wodoland MMORPG or prefer to earn tokens in the Tank Genesis game, accessing blockchain games and finding participants is easy with the Wodo Game Hub.


The Game Hub is seamlessly connected to the wider Wodo Platform. Community members on the Game Hub can easily access every inch of Wodo: the Marketplace, the Game Store and the Incubation Pad.

Having universal access to the entire platform is central to Wodo’s foundation in Web 3.0 technology. Creating a universally accessible platform means everyone on the Wodo network has access to the latest games on the Incubation Pad, reviews from experts on the Game Store and can securely purchase or sell blockchain assets on the Marketplace.

The Game Hub features chat platforms, access to leaderboards and engagement scores. Community participation is the name of the game on the Game Hub, the engagement score feature rewards players with higher levels of participation. Active community members can collect airdrops and be eligible for intensive and staking programs.

Staying connected to the different elements of the Wodo Network will mean community members can stay up to date with the latest game releases through the Game Store. The Wodo Game Store features the latest in blockchain gaming with reviews, the latest releases and trending games easily accessible.

Accessing the Incubation Pad through the Game Hub will give players access to the latest in blockchain game design and blockchain game technology. The Incubation Hub is designed for active and aware blockchain gamers to tap into new and emerging games from game developers and game studios — before they’re on the market.

The Incubation Pad is designed to help small studios or developers tap into existing blockchain networks. The Wodo community can crowd fund, beta test, or help to improve and tweak blockchain games before going to market. Or, developers can take a look at popular and trending blockchain game design elements and come to the Incubation Pad for help and advice on integrating blockchain into their existing game design. Community feedback via the Game Hub will be central to determining hits and misses and will help blockchain businesses predict and analyze trends for a more successful launch.

Welcome to the Game Hub!
Welcome to the Game Hub!

What’s New?

The Game Hub utilizes 2 essential elements of blockchain and crypto enabled games: Play to earn and Play to collect functionality.

The play to earn blockchain game model facilitates the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency assets in games. Players play and earn tokens in the form of crypto or NFT rewards. These earnings can be used within the game to advance game play or alternatively, can be traded on open blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. Higher levels of engagement will earn higher rewards from Wodo.

Wodo’s universal integration extends across the platform with the fully integrated native digital wallet or Wodolet. The Wodolet allows players to store blockchain assets like NFT weapons, avatar skins or cryptocurrency tokens like the native Wodo XWGT Token. The assets stored in the Wodolet can be used across the Wodo Platform, in games on the Game Hub or on the Marketplace.

Play to collect is a bit of a new concept in the blockchain game space. Games like the native Wodoland will have built in game economies where players can trade, sell and purchase NFT and cryptocurrency assets in the games for use within the game itself. The in game assets or products will be stored on a public ledger that is accessible by the wider Wodo Network.

Players will be able to use these assets to advance within the game and trade or sell for scarce in game resources. It’s a really exciting new functionality that will be central to the gaming experience of the latest blockchain capable games available across the Wodo Network.

Players will be able to take game assets out of the game for trade across the Game Hub and Marketplace with the integrated Wodolet. Seamless. Simple. Universally accessible.

Stay tuned for more developments on the Wodo Game Hub, Game Store and Incubation Pad!

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