Wodo Network Founders’ Business Visits in Europe: An Adventure Filled with Innovation and Collaboration

3 min readJan 2, 2024

Wodo Network is a next-generation technology company known for its innovative solutions and strong collaborations for mass adoption of blockchain, metaverse, and web3. Our visionary founders, Bekir Dağ (CEO) and Serhat Tanrıkurt (CTO), embarked on a memorable Europe Business Tour with the aim of establishing valuable business connections and meeting industry leaders.

Belgium: The First Step

CEO Bekir Dağ flew from Turkey to the capital of Belgium, Brussels. There, he met with CTO Serhat Tanrıkurt, and they started their journey with a short coffee break. They then took a train to Antwerp, where they planned their travels before heading towards Amsterdam.

Amsterdam: Collaboration and Development

In Amsterdam, Wodo Network founders conducted important meetings and organized discussions to foster collaborations. The city’s energy and the dynamism in the business world contributed to strengthening Wodo Network’s global network.

Milan: CryptoExpoMilan Event

The Wodo Network team participated in the CryptoExpoMilan event in Milan, staying updated on the latest developments in the industry. Numerous meetings and introductions during the event provided opportunities to expand the company’s network further.

Zug: Innovation in Crypto Valley

Continuing their travels in Zug, Switzerland, the founders closely followed the latest innovations in the region known as Crypto Valley.

Zurich: Center of Innovative Technologies

In Zurich, our founders attended an efficient and effective session at the Crypto Valley event, focusing on developing next-generation technologies with significant impact. The dynamic business environment in the city served as inspiration for Wodo Network’s future projects.

Belgium: The Last Stop of the Journey

Completing their Europe business visits, the founders returned to Belgium, where they initially began their travels. This return provided an opportunity to evaluate the experiences and connections gained from the visited cities.

Wodo Network founders’ Europe business visit was an unforgettable experience dedicated to developing innovative projects, establishing collaborations, and meeting industry leaders. This journey marked a significant step towards strengthening our company’s global vision.




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