Where’s Wodo?

6 min readAug 31, 2022

Find out what each Wodo department is working on!

Wodo are hard at work creating blockchain gaming spaces for you to enjoy!

Wodo Platform Development

The platform is the core of the Wodo gaming ecosystem. It empowers game developers to use simple, interoperable blockchain APIs, NFT APIs, and Metaverse APIs for accelerating game development phases in a unified and secure way.

The Platform Development Team finalized the Rest APIs for blockchain transactions, transaction history/audits and single transaction log. The APIs are now used by several Wodo Gaming Solutions to build dashboards and generate audit reports.

Additionally, the team delivered on another important feature; the Global Identity and Access Management (IAM) module that unifies security, access and authorization aspects at the center of the Wodo Gaming ecosystem. The unified IAM module offers a centralized “User Registration” and “Single Sign-on” for all the other Wodo Gaming Solutions integrations, including the API Gateway Integration to protect and throttle across the platform APIs, including the Wodolet (Digital Wallet) and transaction APIs.

The platform infrastructure team continues fine-tuning the Wodo cloud resources and services via Terraform. The team implemented new Terraform modules and provisioned cloud resources to meet the demands of the application engineering teams. The deployment architecture for production, staging and testing environments have been updated. The team is keeping their focus on building the beta testing environment, security processes, and observability.

Game Development Team

The Game Development Team are currently focused on conceptualizing, designing and bringing to life the Wodoland MMORPG game, with plans to launch on platform later this year. Stay tuned for developments on Wodoland!

The Wodoland team have almost finalised a mini-version of Wodoland!

Wodoland: coming soon!

This mini version is the first iteration of the native Wodoland game and will be published to the Game Hub. Players will be able to challenge each other in tournament based casual timed games. Additional game elements like death matches, capture the flag and goods collection will be added and made available to play.

The game is being built on Photon Fusion for the best network result to avoid any lags and to ensure fair play. The mini game is built specifically for the Wodo Platform and will be ready for webgl play for easy game play and access.

Game Hub Development Team

The Game Hub is the social core of Wodo. This is where the Wodo blockchain community of gamers, developers and even businesses can connect and join tournaments or access new games based on community recommendations and reviews. The Game Hub offers endless opportunities for the Wodo community to connect and grow!

The Game Hub Team has been working on the notifications system for the Game Hub. Community members will be able to connect across different channels about important events, activities and asynchronous background tasks such as blockchain transaction deposits or a new game lobby that matches players interests. The team is continuing to work on integrating other channels like email and SMS notifications.

The Game Hub is intended to be the community center for Wodo. The team has been focusing on designing an interactive chat system for Wodo users across the Game Hub. The chat is available on the main page and in lobbies. The chat infrastructure will be used across the wider Wodo Platform and for mobile applications.

The team also implemented a game server simulator to test gameplay workflows quickly and easily. The simulator can be configured with the game lobbies and simulates a variety of gameplay scenarios. The simulator helps run functional testing, automated testing, and performance testing for gameplay scenarios.

Game Store Team

The Game Store is an exciting blockchain game discovery zone! Gamers will be able to enjoy a variety of blockchain based games and integrate NFT and cryptocurrency assets across the platform. Game developers will be able to launch games on the Game Store to active blockchain communities, while smaller developers and game studios can take advantage of the Incubation Pad to develop, crowd fund and launch their games with Wodo’s end to end platform design.

The team is hard at work to meet the upcoming deadline for the Game Store’s launch!

The team is almost finished with the frontend work and is moving to the backend integration, which was already designed.

The content team are working on creating reviews for the Game Store, they’ve played lots of different games in order to bring the best possible reviews to the community!

Incubation Pad Team

The Incubation Pad is nearly ready!

The final touches and tests are being completed before the Incubation Pad goes live!

Coming SOON! The Incubation Pad is almost ready!

Tank Genesis Team

One of the first games Wodo will launch on the Game Store is a Tank Genesis Game the players can join and play solo or join in tournaments to earn token rewards. Refining the game for the Wodo integration will allow easy access via the Game Store and communities to connect on the Game Hub.

The team has been working on hosting the game on the AWS Game Lift Platform. AWS Game Lift will be the second platform along with Photon Engine Cloud to host Wodo games and offer a smooth gaming experience for Wodo Users. The team determined the game onboarding process and steps for AWS Game Lift, and are testing the game deployment flow.

Digital Marketing Team

The Wodo Digital Marketing Team is hard at work promoting Wodo’s digital networks on Twitter, Discord and Telegram. We love to share news and visual updates on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook — join us!

The Digital Marketing Team have been working on community growth initiative on social media channels, like our Twitter giveaways, check them out here.

Did you know we have a Youtube account? Check out the latest news and videos here!

Graphic Design Team

The Graphic Design Team have been bringing their unique style to all things Wodo. You can see their design work across our blog on Medium , across our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn). The Graphics Team are an integral part of the Wodo journey and help represent the next stages of Wodo’s development.

We have a Wodo Mascot coming soon! Stay tuned for a sneak peek!

The team have been creating visuals for blogs, social media and the Wodo Platform.

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