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4 min readAug 13, 2022

Game developers often run into a common problem: how to develop, test and market their games. Enter Wodo’s Incubation Pad!

Connect, share and create with Wodo!

What’s the Wodo Incubation Pad all about?

One aim of the Wodo Incubation Pad is designed to facilitate the ideation, creation and ultimate launch of blockchain games. Alternatively, game developers and game studios can come to Wodo with existing games to successfully integrate blockchain based in-game economics systems.

Games that are a good fit for the Wodo platform can make effective use of the end-to-end game incubation life cycle available on the Incubation Pad. Games can grow and evolve naturally with community and investor feedback. Beta testing will help iron out software issues and live feedback will mean real time game improvements for an optimized experience for gamers.

Games that are in their infancy can work on further development as they pitch to investors and crowd fund the project. This duality helps to create an active and engaged community around the game and helps to fund game design and back and front end development.

Developers and game studios can make use of crowdfunding and investment opportunities to grow and expand. Beta testing can further develop game play and help to isolate any issues or glitches in the code. This is a really exciting prospect for small studios who wouldn’t otherwise have the capacity to perform tests and game trials on such a scale.

Networking and Community Feedback

Is a game really a game if no one plays it? One of the best things for any developer (even if it’s harsh criticism) is feedback and the opportunity to deliver the best product offering possible. After all, the more people playing your game, the more you can potentially earn — right?!

Games that are live on the Wodo Incubation Pad are able to raise funds from professional investors or smaller investors looking for a stake in blockchain games. The higher number of people interested in your game, the more you’re able to focus on creating a quality game that evolves and grows alongside your audience.

A key element of any blockchain gaming experience is the game’s ability to meet the needs and expectations of the audience. With technology changing and evolving so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up! One of the best ways to keep a finger on the pulse is by direct community feedback. Beta testing, investor relationships and community reviews will help keep game developers in the loop and help keep audiences engaged with your latest offerings.

Blockchain integration

Wodo’s Game Store will feature blockchain games of all shapes and sizes. The Game Store will highlight games from the Wodo Incubation Pad in addition to other blockchain games that are popular on the market. The interoperable interface is designed to allow developers to seamlessly upload their games to the platform for immediate use, so gamers can start playing and designers can start earning.

The Wodo Incubation Pad has been designed to easily facilitate blockchain interoperability. This means games with existing blockchain capabilities like NFT assets, cryptocurrency tokens or metaverse game play features can be developed and integrated on the Incubation Pad.

In this new and ever evolving space just having built in blockchain technology capabilities or features isn’t really enough. Games across the Incubation Pad can benefit from Wodo’s extensive knowledge of creating functional, interoperable in-game economics. Creating blockchain based economies within games will encourage greater community participation. Increased awareness and participation will allow games to grow to scale, as NFTs and cryptocurrency tokens are traded and sold within the game itself.

Creating functional, accessible in-game economics allows games to become a true element of the Metaverse. As blockchain technology accelerates, it’s becoming more and more important for blockchain game developers and studios to create viable in-game economies. These unique economies offer an essential story element or new challenges that can transcend traditional gaming barriers and help move blockchain gaming into the next stage; the Metaverse.

Publishing and Launch

The Incubation Pad’s end to end game development is intended to serve as an eventual launching pad for games onto the Wodo Gaming Solutions Platform. Games developed in the Incubation Pad will be able to be showcased on the Wodo Game Store, Wodo Marketplace and Wodo Game Hub. The wider Wodo Platform is where an active and engaged blockchain gaming community will be ready and waiting to try the latest releases.

Publishing is made easy with Wodo’s universal SDKs and APIs that allow seamless integration across the platform. Wodo’s focus on integration and interoperability stems from the founding belief in Web 3.0 technology’s desire to be universally accessible and adaptable.

Wodo are ready to help you create, develop and launch your games into the Metaverse, join us!

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