Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Blockchain Game Development

4 min readAug 18, 2022
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Check out Wodo’s Incubation Pad for exciting blockchain games to invest in, experiment with and share your thoughts via community reviews and networking.

Blockchain gaming is quickly becoming the next big thing in game development. But, with so many new games coming out, how do you stay in touch with the latest offerings? The answer is simple! With Wodo’s Incubation Pad!

The Incubation Pad is a unique space where game developers, studios and businesses can network with the wider blockchain gaming community. The Incubation Pad is a space where game design and ideation can partner with crowd funding and investment in order to bring games to life.

Bridging the gap between the traditional and the new frontier is where Wodo is happy to thrive and take charge. Creating a space where gamers can take an active role in investing, testing and reviewing games will help to create an active community eager for the latest games to drop.

Games on the Incubation Pad can offer beta versions of their games for limited edition testing and community feedback. This intimate connection with the blockchain gaming community can increase investment opportunities for developers and increase the likelihood of a games’ ultimate success upon launch. Where better to test your blockchain games than with an active and informed audience?

Gamers can offer in-depth reviews based on the game’s functionalities across platforms (depending on the beta tests offered). And gamers will have the unique opportunity of networking around the latest trends and on games not yet on the market.

This is a huge win for both developers and gamers. Developers can troubleshoot functional issues, story gaps and streamline gameplay for an optimal launch on Wodo’s integrated platform featuring the Game Store, Game Hub and Marketplace. While gamers can opt to trial games, invest in games and earn returns on their investment once the game goes to market.

Here though is the challenge: creating a game that is both interesting enough to keep players coming back for more and creating a game with its own unique in-game economics function.

The need for a game to be demanding and engaging is easy enough to understand. Conquering another level or playing against friends in one on one challenges or tournaments will get any gamer’s heart racing.

Crafting an in-game economics system that effectively utilizes blockchain assets like cryptocurrency tokens and NFT assets is a harder task. Wodo’s Incubation Pad is designed to help game designers craft an engaging in-game economy that evolves and grows with the game. The SDKs designed by Wodo ensure universal interoperability, increasing cross network revenue streams and accelerating the development of Metaverse gaming in one.

Creating viable and transferable in-game economics will create a more attractive investment opportunity for gamers. The blockchain savvy community on Wodo’s Incubation Pad, Game Store, Game Hub and Marketplace are looking for games that will offer value now and into the future. Gamers are seeking tokens that have a functional earning utility, while others are looking for a game and platform to integrate their unique NFT designs.

Gaming NFTs like skins, avatars, tools and weapons that are unique to the games on the Incubation Pad can offer unique value to community members who invest in assets pre-launch. Wodo’s interoperable token and NFT asset storage utility, the Wodolet, allows universal storage and access to blockchain assets across the platform. Once the game is published, gamers and NFT designers will be able to see an immediate return on their investment.

Games that go through Wodo’s end to end incubation lifecycle will enjoy the active community organically built around them. Create tournaments or challenges with friends, share your thoughts and chat about the latest releases with community members or invest and earn on the latest blockchain game releases, all with Wodo’s Incubation Pad.

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