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4 min readSep 2, 2022

Develop and launch games on the Wodo Incubation Pad!

Are your games blockchain ready? The Wodo Incubation Pad is the ultimate blockchain gaming starter space!

There’s something for everyone across the Wodo Incubation Pad! Game development, community feedback and investment opportunities will drive access to the latest in blockchain gaming technology.

The Incubation Pad is designed to help designers create and develop their games with advanced blockchain integrations. The Incubation Pad allows game designers to pitch their ideas to an experienced game design and development team. The initial stage can feature games in their infancy, with the view of fleshing out the story and gameplay for blockchain capable gaming.

More mature games can use the Incubation Pad to develop their in-game economics. Using the fully interoperable SDKs and APIs, game designers can expand their games into blockchain centric games that are universally accessible. Games that are close to market can go through a community review stage or even beta testing.

Opening game play to an active and engaged blockchain intelligent community will allow developers to further advance game play, characters and further develop their games prior to market launch. Community members can get an idea of which game studios or indie designers they’d like to follow or even invest in.

Accessing investment opportunities across the Incubation Pad is easy and secure, with Wodo’s extensive application review process. Games can be crowdfunded through community involvement and participation. Larger investments by VCs and blockchain driven businesses might prove lucrative for game studios and developers with a more strategic approach.

Invest in blockchain games in the Wodo Incubation Pad!

Cryptocurrency investment can be securely accessed using the Wodolet, a universal blockchain wallet that stores tokens and NFT assets for use in games or across the wider Wodo Platform. Games that start their incubation lifecycle on the Incubation Pad can be launched to market on the Wodo Game Store, where an active blockchain gaming community will be ready and waiting for the latest releases.

Community involvement is key across the Wodo Game Hub, Game Store and Marketplace. Using these interactive spaces, community members can play, earn, sell or trade tokens like the local Wodo XWGT Token and NFT gaming assets. Creating a game with high levels of community involvement will mean higher rates of return for blockchain game designers and blockchain marketers.

Initiating limited time challenges, tournaments or creating in game perks will increase the popularity of your game and increase the number of reviews and feedback. Developers and marketers can make use of the integrated analytics and community chat functions to iron out game play kinks, tech issues, further develop story or add to in-game economics.

Creating a game play system that supports and continues to feed itself long after the game has launched is the key to any games success. This is even more important in blockchain gaming where audiences are highly involved and ready for the latest launch. Moving into a more open, accessible and interactive space is one of the grounding beliefs of Wodo and Web 3.0 interoperability.

Giving audiences a greater role in the development of games and in game economics through direct feedback and interoperable NFT design elements is one of the first steps to true web democratization. Wodo’s Incubation Pad has been devised as the first stepping stone for new game designers as we journey together into the next frontier of gaming: the Metaverse.

Do you have a game idea that needs some work?

Is your game blockchain capable?

Have you thoroughly mapped out your in game blockchain economics?

Are you looking to invest in the latest blockchain gaming ideas?

Would you like to test out blockchain games before they launch?

Check out the Wodo Incubation Pad! There’s something for everyone, no matter where you are in your blockchain gaming journey! Come, take the first steps into the blockchain gaming world with Wodo!

Wodo Incubation Pad, coming soon!

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