Explore New Frontiers with Wodoland!

4 min readAug 29, 2022

Enjoy The Interactive Experience Of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with built in blockchain economics.

Wodoland has been designed as an engaging MMORPG with built in blockchain economics — welcome to the new world of online gaming!

Are you ready to enter a new world?

Wodoland is the first game designed and built on the Wodo source platform. Being built as a part of Wodo means the game is designed to be universally interoperable and accessible. Built-in blockchain game economies are Wodo’s specialty.

You can explore more about how to develop your game’s in-game economy with blockchain assets on the Wodo Incubation Pad.

For Wodoland, Wodo set about creating a highly engaging world. With scenarios, quests, competitions and an in game economy that supports selling, trading and purchasing blockchain assets. The concept beyond Wodoland was to develop a sophisticated streaming gaming alternative to big name games (think World of Warcraft).

What sets Wodoland apart from the crowd is the attention to detail. When building the in game economy it was of course essential to make Wodoland interoperable and accessible across the Wodo Network. Accessing Wodoland is easy on the Wodo Game Hub. Discussing the game is highly encouraged on the Game Hub. Selling and trading NFT and blockchain assets is seamless across the Wodo Marketplace.

Where will you go in Wodoland?

The game’s universal integration doesn’t stop there. The Wodolet, the platform’s digital wallet, can safely and securely store major cryptocurrency tokens and NFT assets. The local Wodo Gaming Token (XWGT) is of course the preferred token across Wodo, but all validated cryptocurrency tokens like the popular Nano (XNO), and Banano (BAN) tokens can be stored for use in the Wodolet.

The Wodolet is functional across the Wodo Platform and allows players to buy in game and purchase items on the online Marketplace for use in games. Game items might include cosmetic items like skins or avatars or be more functional like tools and weapons. Whatever can be designed, traded and sold as blockchain assets can be used as a type of currency with the in-game economics of Wodoland.

More traditional video games might feature buying and selling as part of their wider game concept, but video games tend to steer clear of blockchain integration. Wodoland operates as part of the emerging blockchain game industry. It’s real money for sophisticated blockchain focused businesses of all shapes and sizes!

The emerging trend of forward thinking games is tightly linked to the emergence of discussions around the Metaverse and Web 3.0. The Metaverse is a hotly contested subject. One thing that traditional gaming technologies don’t utilize that will block access to the new world of the Metaverse is open source software.

Wodo is not necessarily an open source platform, but the specially thought out universal APIs and SDKs provide a similar function. This creates an accessible source code for games to seamlessly upload and integrate with the Wodo Network. Accessing Wodo as a game studio or game developer means you tap into a ready network of blockchain game enthusiasts.

This active community is ready and willing to test games, leave reviews and recommendations, up vote, purchase games and additional game elements, all from one place.

If you’re not sure how to create a blockchain based game economy or add in blockchain elements to your games, contact the Wodo Incubation Pad! These developers are keen to help you utilize your game design programs and create advanced blockchain game capabilities.

Wodoland harnesses the power of play to earn and play to collect. Within the game and on the Game Store, Marketplace and Game Hub, players will be able for form guild to compete and earn tokens. The in-game bazars will be a place to trade and sell NFT assets. Or, you can take your wares to the Marketplace to fetch a higher price!

The world is your oyster in Wodoland, what will you make of it?

Wodoland is coming, stay tuned!

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